Jr. Bible Quizzing is a NEW ministry at Pleasant Dale

Our goal is to encourage kids in grades 3-6 to learn and memorize God's word while having some fun doing it! 

This year, we will be quizzing over the book of James. Our best study suggestion is to read the book of James over and over and over and over and... well, you get the picture!


Christie Beer                Bridgette Ripley

The links below will give you quick access to the resources you'll need to stay on track. 

Video Overview


We are very excited to have a Sunday dedicated to our Bible Quizzing Team. This service will demonstrate how quizzing works, and show off the hard work of our Bible Quizzers! 

Click here to for details about what this Sunday looks like and what each quizzer needs to know

Click here to for the questions we will ask

(they will NOT be asked in this order)