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Wednesday Programming

We provide opportunities for children to develop friendships with their peers and adult leaders. Study God's word, spend time in prayer, praise and worship God. Crafts or game times are provided to enhance the program. Faith Troopers is PreK (age 4) through 2nd grade; PDX is grades 3rd-5th.

Child Check-In Tips

We use Planning Center Check-ins to ensure our  PDKids are learning and growing in a safe environment. 

Sunday Resources

2023 Bible Reading Challenge


Commit to spending 5-15 minutes together with your family either writing a verse-a-day or reading through the bible chronologically in 365 days.


Use the resources to follow along with the reading plan. 

Start in anytime!


Check out the table in the check-in area or click the link below

to receive a copy  digitally.

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