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It is Time

Our growing family needs more space. Over the past several years, Pleasant Dale has experienced consistent growth, spiritually and numerically. This has been both exciting and challenging. Together as a congregation, we have worked diligently and creatively to maintain our heritage and identity while navigating the changing needs of our family. In just a few short years, many decisions were made in response to God’s faithfulness to Pleasant Dale. We added ministry staff to help lead and serve those whom God has brought through our doors. We added programs, special services, and ministries for all ages. We implemented new safety procedures and communication systems. We purchased land and increased parking spaces. We hired a church consulting firm to help us navigate this season with wisdom and discernment. All these decisions have helped us accommodate change while retaining the core values and heritage of this church we love. Despite our consistent growth, there is one important thing we have not done in the past 15 years. We have not added any square footage to our facility.


It is time. It is time to make room, to carry on the tradition of breaking ground when our growing family needs more space. It is time to make room, not for ourselves, but for those who have yet to call this place home, and this congregation family. It is time to make room, continuing our heritage of Christ centeredness, holy hospitality, and selfless service, that has kept Pleasant Dale flourishing since 1868. God has blessed us in countless ways. May we respond to his faithfulness and goodness with faith, hope, and love. And most importantly, let’s do it together.

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