Summer Church Camps


Camp Mack Registration Codes

The transfer code for the older kid week long camps will be: 21PD5.

The younger kid 2 day camp code will be 21PD1.

The younger kid camp code will result in a message that says, "enrolled not registered" because parents will be paying less than 75, but they have assured me that they will make sure our kids are registered.

Read the

Camp Letter for other important info!

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Camp Cotubic Registration Info

Please read. We are doing things differently this year. Please register and send Julie Schwartz your confirmation email by April 19. If that’s not possible, but you still plan to register, please let her know!

Camp Cotubic is for current 2nd through 12th graders.

Camp Cotubic registrations are being done online only. Hopefully this will be easier for everyone, including camp staff. (If you do need to use the brochure page instead of online registration, please just mail it in yourself and text Julie a photo of your registration paper.)

Step 1: Register your child on Cotubic’s website

During registration, it will give you 3 different payment options. Select “pay later.” Please note *You will pay your portion to Camp Cotubic directly this year rather than writing a check to PD.*

Be sure to select “church is helping to pay cost.” You will not need to have a Church Voucher filled out. I will compile a list of campers and send it to Cotubic with payment.

Step 2: Email Julie Schwartz your confirmation email from Camp Cotubic to let her know you have kids going to camp. She will reply to your email to let you know I received it. If you don’t hear back from her, she did not get your email!

Step 3: After Julie has a list of everyone attending, she will let you know the amount you will need to pay at camp registration.

Important side notes:

*Be sure to read the COVID precaution stuff posted on their website prior to registering.

*If for some reason you register your child for camp, but they end up not being able to go, it is very important that you contact the camp as soon as you know they aren’t going. PD will already have paid for much of the camp experience, and depending on when you cancel, all of that money may not be refunded. In that case, we will ask you to please reimburse the Campership fund for the amount that is not refunded.

*Please contact Julie Schwartz with any questions you may have.