Sewer Project Matching Gift

Wow!  We are amazed at your generosity, and we are praising God for what He has done through you.  In less than 2 weeks, you have given $64,176 which means we have exceeded the $60,000 we needed to get the matching gifts that had been offered to us.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your incredible response along with that of the two donors that have pledged the matching gifts puts us 45% of the way to raising the entire $275,000 needed.  It just makes you wonder where we will be by December 31.  Will we be halfway there?  Could we possibly be even at 60% or 75% or even higher?  Only God knows, but with generosity like we see in you at Pleasant Dale, anything is possible!!!

Remember, you can give in person or online.  If you give online, be sure to select the sewer project from the dropdown menu or if you give in person be sure you indicate your gift is for the sewer project.

Since the matching gift worked so well in encouraging people to give, maybe others would want to step forward to offer a new matching opportunity to the church.  If you are interested in offering a matching gift to serve as an incentive for others to give, please contact Dan Schafer at (913) 669-0876 or Randy Kistler at (260) 525-0348.

And don’t forget that you can make a gift of stocks. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you do.  

  • If you're over 70½ years old and you have IRAs, you can gift funds from your IRA to this project without any tax consequences.  You may also have minimum required distributions from your IRA that you want to gift toward this project.

  • If you're younger than that, you can gift investments that are not in an IRA account and do so without incurring the capital gains tax.  With the significant increases in the market lately, this may be a great time to give some appreciated stock.  (Of course, this also applies to those of you who are older than 70½ and have some of your investments that are not in IRA accounts

Randy Kistler of RK Financial will help you with these types of transfers to the church with no cost or fees.  You can contact Randy at (260) 589-3533 or stop by his office which is located at 806 US Highway 27 N, Berne, IN 46711.  Randy is available to help until December 17th.

We need to raise an estimated $275,000 to complete the connection to the county sewer system.  Any funds that are given for the sewer connection above the final price tag will be put into the regular building fund.  Thank you for your continued generosity!