What is a Live Church?

Now seems like a good time to share yet again, “What is a Live Church?”

*A live church has parking problems; a dead church does not.

*A live church has lots of “noisy” children, even in worship; a dead church is fairly quiet.

*A live church often changes the way it does things; a dead church doesn’t change anything.

*A live church dreams great dreams for God’s kingdom, a dead church has nightmares.

*A live church grows too fast to remember everybody’s name; in a dead church, everyone has known all the names for years.

*A live church supports world missions enthusiastically; a dead church keeps all its money at home.

*A live church uses it’s traditions and facilities to serve people; a dead church uses people to preserve traditions and facilities.

*A live church forgives and seeks forgiveness; a dead church never makes mistakes.

*A live church is filled with tithers; a dead church is filled with tippers.

*A live church supports it’s budget; a dead church supports pet projects.

*A live church sees challenges and opportunities; a dead church sees problems and obstacles.

*A live church worships! A dead church worries.

The scripture that was with this is John 15:4, As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can you, except you abide in me.

This list is not original with me but I like it and have published it before. In many ways we are a “live” church at least according to this list. In some ways we can do better living into these definitions of a “live” church. And of course we must never lose sight of our need to stay connected to Jesus Christ. He must guide us in all things through the Holy Spirit.

A personal note of thanks to my colleagues in ministry here, Pastor Olinda, Pastor Jonathan and Music Minister Julie. And special thanks to Rhonda Tom our church secretary who keeps us all organized. You make my work here a joy and a blessing. Pleasant Dale is truly blessed with not only a gifted and cohesive pastoral team, but also amazing lay leaders. My thanks to all of you!

And finally, welcome Pastor Elliott and family. We look forward to your participation in the life of this congregation, and in ministry with us.

God Bless You,

Pastor Jay