Garage Sales . . . and Jesus

As I write this, it is a beautiful spring morning. Garage sales are happening in the community and it’s good to be out and about. There’s something about garage sales. My wife bought some chairs at a garage sale and then sent me to pick them up. While there, I kept seeing things that would be nice to have, but instead of buying more things (junk really), I stayed on task and picked up the chairs only. Sometimes we see things we didn’t know we needed. We often see things we can live without.

Garage sales go along with spring cleaning. A good time to rid ourselves of clutter, the stuff we can’t bear to throw away ourselves. Indeed garage sales are good places to buy clothes for kids because they will soon outgrow whatever we get for them. And they can be a good place to meet and talk with people, friends and those we hadn’t met before. Garage sales are a nice and friendly rite of spring.

I don’t know whether Jesus and his disciples ever stopped at garage sales. We do know they would attend weddings, and John 2 tells us about a wedding in Cana in Galilee which Jesus and his friends did attend. In fact Jesus’ mother was also there. It was Mary who tells Jesus they have run out of wine, a bad thing. I wonder how Jesus felt

. We know he first replied to his mother “Woman, why do you involve me?” I mean, here he is enjoying himself with others and then he’s presented with a problem.

Jesus says something else pretty interesting, “My hour has not yet come.” But his mother seems to ignore him and tells the servants to do whatever he tells them. As a result water is made wine, and a family is spared shame. Mothers have a way of making things happen don’t they? Because of this little episode Jesus performs his first public “sign” of his power. In other words, what he did was a first experience of his divine power. It was a sign of his glory. It caused his disciples to believe in him.

I can imagine Jesus and the others out among people. Perhaps in a market or something akin to our garage sales. I can imagine Jesus enjoying being with people, with their children and their old ones. Maybe he would privately speak a word, touch someone in a healing way. Take time to hear a sad story and perhaps share a tear with someone. Jesus seems to take his time with people because he had compassion for them, he knew their struggles with life. It was his glory to love people.

Jesus knows your struggles with life. Let him speak his healing words into your life and bring you comfort in the lonely places. It’s why he came.


Pastor Jay