What's Most Important Right Now?

What is most important right now?What is most important to you right now? Still too big a question? With the prospect of school starting again very soon, squeezing in the last vacations or weekend getaways and thinking of getting back on a more “normal” schedule – you may have many priorities. Which priority is surfacing as the most important?

As pastor, I'm always asking these questions. What is most important right now in the life of the church? Where do we want to be a year from now, in five years, in ten? Just what is God doing in our midst? And these aren't my question only, all leadership shares them. And not just leadership folks, I believe many of us are thinking about where God is leading Pleasant Dale. Where is God leading us? Or how about you, where is God leading you?

I spoke back in April about being at a tipping point. A place where all the good things we have been and are doing, is bringing us growth and spiritual vitality. I continue to believe this is so and that this season of growth and vitality will continue, hence we're at a tipping point. There is a sense that this is irreversible and it is good! God is blessing us with his grace and mercy and is using Pleasant Dale as a place to know his love and healing power in lives. God has entrusted us with much. I believe God has set all this in motion and will reveal to us, in due course, what His will is for us.

In John 17, Jesus is praying for all believers “who will believe in me through their message” (vs. 20b.) And “that all of them may be one. . .” This is a prayer for unity. And this isn't just a hopeful expression or prayer, it is very serious. Jesus says that the Father and he are one. They are “in” one another, and we are invited into that same “oneness.” And this is all “that the world may believe that you have sent me” (vs.21b.) Our job at Pleasant Dale is to live this out. To somehow live in this oneness. And in doing this, we live out the gospel. This is what people need and are attracted to.

Again, unity isn't the same as uniformity. We do not have to all agree about everything. We do have to be unified however as the body of Christ. We do have to continually love our sisters and brothers, even if we don't agree on everything. We can and must all agree that Jesus Christ is central to our faith. And that the command to “love each other” is serious and vital. And in doing life this way, the world, or others will see Christ in us. Again, this is what people are drawn to because it's authentic. God's love is authentic!

Again I'll ask: What's most important to you? We will continue to ponder this question.

Last April in my sermon about this, I requested we be in prayer about what God is leading us to do. This is a serious and vital request and I hope you have been and will continue to hold our church body in prayer. Hold your pastors and leadership people in prayer. Pray that we will proceed doing God's will.

That God will provide the resources we will need. And that God will continue to do His work in our midst.

God Bless You, Pastor Jay