A special Church Council meeting will be held May 15 following Morning Worship to vote on the following proposal.  Absentee ballots will be accepted from now until the time of the meeting.  All members and regular attenders of Pleasant Dale are invited to participate in all Church Council meetings.

To:  The Pleasant Dale Church family

Notice of special council meeting:  Sunday, May 15, 2022 – following the morning service


Your church Leadership Team is bringing to you the recommendation of the sale of the Parish Hall and Parsonage property located on 400 W.  As the church body and membership, you will have the opportunity to vote on this proposal at a special council meeting following the morning service on May 15th.

The decision to sell the 400 W. property has been years in the making, and there are many reasons why we feel the time is right to move forward.  For decades, the church has offered our senior pastor a parsonage as part of their compensation package. However, this benefit is no longer enticing or financially incentivizing to church staff, as their interest has been in owning their own homes and growing equity.  Jay Carter moved into the Pleasant Dale parsonage in 2003, and he and Angie have remained there as a part of his financial package since.  The parsonage has been faithfully maintained by our trustees, but resources are becoming more expensive and the need for physical improvements to the home continues to increase.   

The Parish Hall has been a staple and important property to Pleasant Dale for generations.  It currently houses the Free Clothing Boutique, Boxes of Blessings food ministry and the Backpack program.  Over its life it has hosted Ladies Aid, Pancake Suppers, Ice Cream socials, 4H meetings, family gatherings, day camps, and Boy Scouts.  Those years of amazing activities have taken a toll on the building.  Our faithful trustees have also been making improvements on this building for quite some time; however, it would take a very significant investment to adequately accommodate our present ministries, with handicap accessibility and full functionality.

We believe it is an excellent time for the church to reevaluate its position with these assets.  Therefore, the Leadership Team recently ordered an appraisal of the property from Heartland Realty.  The appraisal was based on the most recent home and property sales in the county for common sizes of land and features.  Based on that appraisal, we are suggesting valuing the 7 acres of land, which include the woods, Parish Hall, and Parsonage, at $337,500.  Our desire is to sell this to Jay & Angie Carter with the arrangement of sub-leasing the Parish Hall back to the church until we would be able to construct a new Ministry Outreach Center on 300 N. on the east half of the property.  The funds from the sale would be designated for the construction of the new Ministry Outreach Center. This Center would host our current ministries, offer space for future growth, and allow our volunteers a more efficient and spacious area to operate and interact with our guests.  We are currently in the process of applying for additional grants to help fund that project, so that no finances will be taken from the current building project or be asked of from our members.  The goal would be to build the Ministry Center with all finances in hand, so that it will be debt free at completion.  

The vote on May 15th will only be to affirm this proposal to sell the 400 W. property to Jay & Angie Carter. All decisions concerning the construction of a Ministry Outreach Center will be dealt with later and brought before the council.


Questions and Concerns….

  • Why do anything at all?  Can’t we just keep it the way it is now?

    • Jay and Angie would like to own their own home, and soon.  If they leave to find another home, we will have to sell or rent the property. Neither the Leadership Team nor the Trustees feel that the rental business is where our church is called to be, and no current staff have interest in living in a parsonage.

  • Why sell it all in one piece?

    • We did investigate splitting the property, and the potential benefits of doing so; however, the problem lies underground.  The water and septic for the Parish Hall is connected to the Parsonage; dividing the two creates many new and expensive challenges.  Selling in one piece avoids those complexities, and is simpler for all parties involved.

  • Why sell it to Jay and not make it public?

    • Jay and Angie have made that house their home for almost 19 years.  Many times they have had to deal with issues that, if they owned it, they probably would have fixed or upgraded differently.  They have been patient in living in a somewhat “outdated” house.  They have taken very good care of the Parsonage, and we feel they should have the first right to purchase.

    • Jay and his family have taken care of the woods with upkeep that is beyond their responsibility and have kept tabs on the property when many of us have not.

    • By selling this to Jay, we will have a secure and trusted contract that will allow us to continue to use the Parish Hall as our Boutique for a specified amount of time that we will determine before the property closing.  If we open this up to the public, we nearly certainly will lose that option.  

  • Why now?

    • The market is high and the value of the property has increased.  The Parish Hall is technically out of compliance by not being handicap accessible and the county could shut us down.  To make the necessary changes and improvements to the property, we would easily be investing over $50,000 and then still be utilizing an outdated facility.  

    • With the clear direction set for the church expansion, we now know how the property on 300 N. will lay out and therefore know what space could be utilized for other things.  The septic line coming down 300 N. also more easily allows expansion of the campus without the hoops of a state approved septic system. 



Please reach out to any Leadership Team member with questions.  

Joe Burkhead, Melanie Hendricks, Harry Anderson, Carley Hower, Laurie Mason, and Chris Steele